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The Gua Sha

The Gua Sha

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This ancient sculpting tool used for lifting, massaging & promoting circulation is perfect for every skin routine.

55 g

Additional Info

Additional Info

The Gua Sha is an ancient style of sculpting tool made from buffalo horn or stone (our are 100% rose quarts) that has been used for centuries in healing skin and muscles. The smooth edges and cool temperature of the tool make it perfect for applying serums, moisturisers & oils all while providing fantastic holistic benefits. They can be used all over the body & are contoured to perfection for sensitive areas like under the eyes or neck.

Traditional treatment:

Begin with a gentle scraping motion along the skin, being mindful to apply pressure in an upward direction Slowly applying more pressure. A traditional treatment may leave temporary marking on the skin or bruising (only use pressure you feel comfortable with).

The Cheeky People recommend: Pairing with The last One - Solid Serum or The Mini Butter baby to provide additional moisture.

Other great uses include:

-Use everyday dry to promote blood circulation and provide lift before applying makeup
-Pair with your favourite serum, oil or moisturiser for that added glow
-Head to the shower for a hot stone massage
-Or add to your pamper routine to help fine lines and wrinkles
-Trouble with allergies? Try a 6min session focussing on your facial sinus passage and small lymph glands running parallel from under your jaw. Used hot or cold which ever is your preference.

Known Benefits:
-Promote blood circulation -Improve fine lines and wrinkles
-Tension relief & relaxation in muscles
-Promotes lymphatic drainage