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Sandle Candle

Sandle Candle

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Elevate your living space with our Sandalwood Essential Oil Soy Wax Candle. Whether you're setting the mood for a cozy night in or creating a relaxing haven after a long day, this luxurious candle is the perfect addition to your sanctuary.


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Additional Info

Introducing our Sandalwood Essential Oil Soy Wax Candle, a luxurious and captivating addition to your home ambience. Set in a sophisticated, earthy ceramic cup with a stunning black and gold finish, this candle exudes elegance and class.

Infused with the rich, soothing aroma of sandalwood essential oil, our candle provides a serene and calming atmosphere to help you unwind and relax. Made with premium soy wax, it ensures a cleaner burn, while the black wax enhances its modern and chic appeal.

Sandalwood essential oil: Delivers a warm, comforting fragrance for a tranquil and peaceful ambience.
Premium soy wax: Provides a cleaner, longer burn time, making it an eco-friendly choice.
Black wax: A stylish touch that elevates the candle's aesthetic appeal.
Earthy ceramic cup: A beautiful black and gold design that effortlessly complements any interior décor

** Aprox Burn Time** - 40hrs

Warning: To prevent fire and serious injury: Burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and vibrations. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Never burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire.

Burning Instructions:
Trim wick to 1/4 inch before each use.
Place on a heat-resistant surface away from drafts and flammables.
Burn for 2-4 hours at a time, allowing the wax to pool evenly.
Extinguish with a snuffer or gentle blow; never use water or a lid.
Let cool completely before handling.
Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.