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The Walnut Konjac

The Walnut Konjac

Product information


Experience gentle exfoliation with our Konjac Sponge infused with walnut fiber. Elevate your skincare routine for a refreshed, glowing complexion.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Introducing the Konjac Sponge with Walnut Fibre - your new favourite eco-friendly exfoliating skincare tool! Made from sustainably sourced konjac root and infused with natural walnut fibres, this 100% natural and biodegradable sponge is gentle on your skin and kind to the environment.

Soft, bouncy, and mildly abrasive, the Konjac Sponge with Walnut Fibre is perfect for daily use, effortlessly lifting dirt, oil, and makeup from your skin's surface while providing gentle exfoliation. Use it alone or pair it with your favourite face wash to enhance the cleansing experience.

Ideal for all skin types, this versatile sponge can help reveal a brighter, smoother complexion with regular use. The added walnut fibre ensures gentle exfoliation, sloughing away dead skin cells and leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

When it's time for a replacement, simply toss your old Konjac Sponge into the compost bin, knowing that you're making a positive impact on the environment.

Upgrade your skincare routine with the Konjac Sponge with Walnut Fibre - it's the gentle, sustainable, and effective choice for clean, radiant skin with a touch of exfoliation.

For best use:

  • Remove your sponge from the cardboard packaging
  • Compost or recycle box
  • Hydrate sponge under running water until soft and bouncy
  • Wet face and body
  • Apply cleanser to sponge or body
  • Gently work into the skin with the sponge
  • Rinse sponge thoroughly after use
  • Hang in a clean dry area for next use

Materials: sponge – 100% Konjac Root
Cord – 100% cotton.